RO Marketing PRO Free Download Nulled Wordpress Plugin

RO Marketing PRO Free Download Nulled WordPress Plugin

Download for free RO Marketing PRO from our website. Lastest version is updated on 5 February 19 and available. RO Marketing PRO WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $100 to redolive on Envato, you get it for free.

RO Marketing PRO [Latest Version]

To download nulled RO Marketing PRO, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload RO Marketing PRO ziped files to WordPress website.

About RO Marketing PRO

  • Add Google Tag Manager Tag
  • Add Google Analytics Tag
  • Add Google Analytics Content Experiment Tag
  • Add Google Optimize Tag
  • Add Crazy Egg Tag
  • Add LiveChat Tag
  • Add Olark Live Chat Tag
  • Add LinkedIn Insight Tag
  • Add Google AdWords Remarketing Tag
  • Add Bing Ads UET Tag
  • Add Facebook Converstion Tag
  • Add Other Site-Wide Header Scripts / Footer Scripts
  • Add TrackDuck Tag
  • Send 404 Page… Read More

User comments


Shining product! Well done. DigitalCenturySF

redolive Author

Thank you



Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale



I’m interested in make a deep test / review of this interesting plugin and translate to the Spanish language. Drop me reply with your email to discuss it.

Thank you.

Eduardo Croissier AdminBrand

redolive Author

Eduardo, thanks for reaching out. We are looking to what it will take to prepare the files to be more friendly for contributors to translate.


after i installed the plugin the red Olive sidebar link is missing

redolive Author

Please send us an email at [email protected] and we can get working on solving this issue.


looking for sitemap.xml by template (not by type of page) for this site

redolive Author

nazazelo, I’m afraid our plugin doesn’t help with that. Have you already tried yoast? By type of page are you meaning post type? If so, yoast may not be able to help either.


Hello, I thinking about buying this plugin, but last updated is 17 July 17? Is the plugin discontinued / not supported anymore?

redolive Author

MaxVolume, thanks for your inquiry. We are almost finished adding new features and will be releasing an update very shortly. We regularly use this plugin on our client sites and don’t plan to discontinue it any time soon!


Perfect. And can you please confirm the following before buying? 1: Can i easily make a full setup of the Facebook pixes for my woocommerce store without any issues? Full tracking? 2: Can i also easily setup full Google Analytics and Adwords tracking etc.? Thanks

redolive Author

1. Facebook actually develops a plugin for WooCommerce that works really well. We currently recommend theirs for anything more than a basic setup. 2. Yes, definitely


any updates coming soon?

redolive Author

Great timing! We’re actually submitting updates to our plugins this morning for review.

redolive Author

The update has been published! Sorry for the delay. There was a bug with the uploader.


What is this? What does it do? You are assuming people know this

redolive Author

Hello netgain4020, we have more details on our website here including many tutorials: Thanks for your interest!


Hello, I want to change all the images description and links that i have downloaded from aliexpress automatically, (meaning not one by one manually) does your pluging can do that task automatically. Thank yo for your time. Best regards, Richard.

redolive Author

Richardrivera, I’m not completely sure what you are wanting to do. Is this for a shopping feed or have you scraped AliExpress using a tool of some sort? Either way, it doesn’t sound like something our plugin does automatically.

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