Search Analytics Addons for Reactive Pro Nulled free download

Search Analytics Addons for Reactive Pro Nulled free download

Download for free Search Analytics Addons for Reactive Pro from our website. Lastest version is updated on 2 December 16 and available. Search Analytics Addons for Reactive Pro WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $65 to redqteam on Envato, you get it for free.

Search Analytics Addons for Reactive Pro [Latest Version]

To download nulled Search Analytics Addons for Reactive Pro, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload Search Analytics Addons for Reactive Pro ziped files to WordPress website.

Search Analytics Addons for Reactive Pro nulled

About Search Analytics Addons for Reactive Pro

WordPress Search Analytics Addons for Reactive Pro. Reactive pro has amazing searching, filtering and grid facility, this plugin gives it more push. As a “site owner” they can see end user’s search analytics that will help them to grow. Its very important for WooCommerce Shop Owner, they will have better idea about the customer, what they are searching and how they are searching. It will give them option to know what their customer wants. We’ve used Keen IO for data aggregation.

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Congrats!! Good Luck With Sales

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Thank you



Currently, I’m using Reactive Pro plugin with my site for Searching & Filtering Purpose. It’s working really smooth on my site. Such an amazing plugin I’m really satisfied with it. I am so happy that you guy’s provide an analytics addons for Reactive Pro. Site owner’s like me can be get real benefited by using this addons i hope.

I have few presale questions, Can I get the analytics for example: 1. i want to know what keywords my visitors are searching for. 2. which taxonomy or meta being used by most of the visitors. 3. How do i configure this addons with Reactive Pro plugin, can you send me the documentation url or any link to get the overview how this addons work.


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Thanks for your appreciation. And for your inquiries, our plugin currently have the features for the site owners. He can have an idea about what keyword the visitors are searching for and as well as taxonomies and meta keys. You can follow our documentation for the configuration link.

Regards, RedQ Team.


Nice product

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Hi! Are additional fees for using may apply? Thanks

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please check the below URL for pricing details,


Hello, I have a pre-purchase question. Can I use this ADD-On to get Analytics from some of my custom users metadata?

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Hello AlohaFx,

Thanks for your interest,

This is an addon for our Searching plugin reactive pro, It will only work with Reactive pro setup.

and yes it will get analytics from custom user metada in the admin back end.

if you have further questions let me know




Let’s see if I get it. Firstly, I will need to purchase and install Reactive Pro.

Question 1: Is “Reactive Pro” compatible with any theme?

After installing “Reactive Pro” you will need to purchase and install “Search Analytics Addons for Reactive Pro”.

Question 2: After this, will I be able to do searches and comparisons with any METADATA of that user?

For example:

At the time of registering a new user, I get some information that is stored as metadatas in the meta_keys.

With your product I will be able to visualize comparatives of all users regarding the data contained in that same Metadata / meta_key ???

Question 3: Let’s say I have a Metadata where my user informs which version of a particular application he uses. Can I get global information from all my users and detect which version is most used by that application ???

Thank you

redqteam Author


1. Yes you have purchase both of the plugin in order to work with it. 2. the plugin are theme independent that means it will work with any standard theme if it follows the best practices.

The feature you are looking, for the search analytics it’s not available in the plugin you will need much more advance functions than ours. if you check the item details page and demo you will see that we only show the counts of the meta field that have been search for.

if you have a good budget for the work you can go for the custom development option where our developer can built it for you. if you are interested send a mail to the below mail address, [email protected] or send a PM


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