Semantic - Responsive & Clean WordPress Blog Theme download for free

Semantic – Responsive & Clean WordPress Blog Theme Download for free

If you are searching Semantic – Responsive & Clean WordPress Blog Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 20 May 17 you can download from our website for free. Semantic – Responsive & Clean WordPress Blog Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from News, Magazine and Blog category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Semantic – Responsive & Clean WordPress Blog Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Semantic – Responsive & Clean WordPress Blog Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Semantic – Responsive & Clean WordPress Blog Theme WordPress template.

Semantic – Responsive & Clean WordPress Blog Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

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About Semantic – Responsive & Clean WordPress Blog Theme

Semantic for Writers

Semantic is a trendy and unique WordPress Blog theme for writers, bloggers, online publishers and content creators. It offers several features like multiple homepage layouts, essential page templates, shortcodes and support for popular third-party plugins.

Bootstrap 3 Semantic WordPress theme is based on the powerful and widely used Bootstrap 3 framework. The theme uses a custom 24-column grid for more flexibility. 3 Homepage Layouts: Normal and Hybrid Masonry and

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I am getting the following PHP Warning in my WordPress website.

Warning : in_array() [ ]: Wrong datatype for second argument in <path>/wp-content/themes/semantic/loop-index.php on line 4

On line 4, I have the following line: $show_meta = (function_exists(‘ot_get_option’) && in_array(‘post’, ot_get_option(‘blog_show_postmeta_on’))) ? TRUE : FALSE;

Can some one help me with this error?

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codecookies Author

If you still face issues, download this zip file, extract it and replace the loop-index.php file in the semantic theme folder:


Thanks a lot. The first suggestion worked. Thank you. Is it possible to handle such errors and don’t show PHP warnings on web pages. Just a suggestion

codecookies Author

Before answering your question, I need the purchase code that you have received when you bought the theme. Can you please mention it?


Hello, we have moved our wordpress from LINUX to WINDOWS. after that, when we login into our blog, we are getting Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in C:wampwwwwwxxx

can someone help us?


codecookies Author


Please open a ticket at and mention the exact warning that you are seeing.


Hi there,

This is a great looking theme but I wanted to check something before buying if that’s OK. Is it possible to set a header image – as on the homepage layout – on every page? I’m sure it could be done by tinkering with the code but I wondered if it was a simple thing to do within the theme itself?

Apologies if you’ve covered this already by I looked through most of the comments and couldn’t see anything regarding this.


codecookies Author

Hi ash28, I am sorry, by ‘header image’ are you referring to ‘homepage intro’ section? You can upload an image there using the built-in Theme Options and have it display on all pages with a slight tweaking of code. I hope I am right in following your question. Please don’t hesitate to ask anything else related to the theme.



Yes I think so, essentially to have a logo top left but also a large image and blog title that would remain constant across all posts and pages. Without the blog editor needing to add code / switch on a header. Assuming we are talking about the same thing thanks that’s good to know.


Hi, can someone tell me which is the page used for display photos in the gallery? The page with the black background. I would like customize it. Thanks


...another matter: how can I activate excerpt posts on main page, with the “read more” button? Tks!

codecookies Author

Hi, I have replied to your questions on our support forums.


Hi, The responsiveness from the logo does not seem to be working correctly, where in the CSS can i adjust it? look at our website ;; on iphone 5s/6 the logo is to long. how can i fix it? can’t seem to find it in the CSS to overrule the logo width. best regards.

codecookies Author

Please send an email to [email protected] or open a support ticket on so that we can help you better. Thanks


Done, mailed you guys.



I have encountered a problem with the “pin it” button in blog posts. The button doesn’t find any image or text, so if someone wants to share a post on Pinterest, it is basically impossible for them to do so directly from the website. What could I do to make it work?

Thank you in advance.

codecookies Author


Please submit a support ticket here: and also provide URL to your website/blog where you are encountering this issue.


Gorgeous and clever theme! Some prepurchase questions: (1) Is it possible to have hybrid masonry layout on homepage, then a two columns layout + sidebar on Category pages? (2) Different sidebars for different categories? (3) Different sidebars for different posts? (4) Pagination for long posts? (5) What is the best way to emphasize the lead (first) paragraph of a post? I mean, is there a built-in capacity or should it be via a plugin? (6) Same for displaying a cloud of tags in the Archives page? Thanks.

codecookies Author

Hi MichBen,

1) No, once you choose a layout, it remains the same for homepage and category pages. 2) and 3) No, there are no separate sidebars for posts or categories 4) The theme does not have built-in feature for paginated posts, but there are free plugins available to achieve that. 5) The theme does not automatically. You can add a ‘lead’ class to a paragraph in the post editor to add emphasis. 6) The theme’s archive template lists archives by month, year and subject. The tag cloud is available as a widget for sidebar.


Hi there I purchased Semantic in Nov 2014 and have been happy with it. However, I am seeking clarity on 2 things: 1. My site subscribers are unable to make comments from mobile devices. Is there an update on this or an error to be fixed? 2. The last update received was January 2015. Can you advise how to get more recent updates and why they may not be being sent to me any more? Thanks Mary

codecookies Author

Hi Mary,

I request you to open a support ticket at and also mention your website so that we can tell you what’s going on. The last update to this theme was published in June 2015. Did you turn on the setting on ThemeForest to notify you of any updates?? Anyway, you can download the updated theme again from your ThemeForest account and replace all the files contained in the ‘semantic’ folder.

As I said above, please open a ticket at our support forum and we’ll solve any problems that you have. Thanks.


Hello, I can see this theme hasn’t been updated in almost a year. Are there any plans for further updates or has it reached the end of its lifespan (and are you creating a new one like it) ?


codecookies Author

No, the theme hasn’t reached end of lifespan. We will update this theme.


Just wondering when this theme will be updated. It looks like a recent update of Wordpress broke the search function (the magnifying glass).

codecookies Author

Hi, we just checked the search function and it works as it should. You can see it on the demo page of this theme. It runs on WordPress 4.5. Try hard-refreshing your browser.

codecookies Author


Our dedicated support forum can now be reached at:

Please direct all your questions and suggestions to

Thank you!


Has anyone used this theme with WooCommerce? I’d like to know how well it integrates since it doesn’t look like there’s explicit support for it in the theme. Thanks!

codecookies Author

Hi bcrokett,

No, this theme does not support WooCommerce.


Hey there, thinking about launching a second site using this theme. Quick yes/no: Do your video posts support server-side videos, or just youtube/vevo, vimeo etc?

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codecookies Author

Yes, we recently changed the name about a week ago.


GREAT news! Semantic is a wonderful theme, I highly recommend it to webmasters who need to display many different content types and attractive variations on the theme.

codecookies Author

Thank you for the kind words ! Along with the name change, we are also revamping our themes, contemplating new features, rewriting code for better performance etc. You will be notified via email as and when we release any update. If you have any suggestion / feedback regarding the theme, do let us know at [email protected]


Is this compatible with wordpress 4.6 yet?

codecookies Author

Hi ashmitadas,

Yes, the theme is compatible with WordPress 4.6. In fact, the demo runs on WordPress 4.6 itself


Hi, All my pages have this error

Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in /home/xxxxx/public_html/wp-content/themes/semantic/loop-single.php on line 8

Can you help me? I already set WP_Debug to false but error is still persist

codecookies Author

Hi ebozlak, In order for us to help you better, please head over to our support forums here: Simply log in and provide your theme purchase license and someone from our team will assist you.



I have this error, please explain how to solve it? Failed to load plugin url:

codecookies Author

Please head over to our support forums with your request and we will look into your issue:


Hi there, does this theme include essential grid? Thanks!

codecookies Author

Hi ameimei,

The theme does not include essential grid.

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