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Download for free Sortable Layouts Addon from our website. Lastest version is updated on 9 March 19 and available. Sortable Layouts Addon WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $20 to Wpicode on Envato, you get it for free.

Sortable Layouts Addon [Latest Version]

To download nulled Sortable Layouts Addon, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload Sortable Layouts Addon ziped files to WordPress website.

About Sortable Layouts Addon

Sortable Layouts Addon

Extend the default layouts with two new adjustable layouts and a custom layout that you can configure yourself!

The two new layouts are called “Masonry” and “Carousel” and you can easily adjust their settings, how they look and feel.

Even if you are not satisfied with these setting, you can create your own CUSTOM layout. You can enter your own html, WordPress shortcodes, and easily include elements like excerpt… Read More

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Hello, just pre-sale questions: does your plugin works on WP 4.5+ too, as it’s said for 4.4? I find it awesome, but if updated or anyway working… Thnaks in advance. Have a nice day. Pascal

Wpicode Author

It works great, not a problem. This is an addon for the Sortable plugin so make sure you install that one before this.


thanks for answer, I’ll see, as I did not see that it’s an addon Thanks to advertise!


Hi, Your demo doesn’t work.

Wpicode Author

We were testing another plugin on the same server, sorry. It works now.


superr, good luck


Hello, i have added the following CSS on the sort-layouts.css file and the Layout Options are still displaying on my website. It doesn’t work. I emptied the cache etc…

.sortable-list {display:none; } .sortable-masonry {display:none; } .sortable-carousel {display:none; }

I just want the image layout option to show and i dont want to give the option to the visitor to choose which layout to use. Are you planning to add this option in the admin panel ? It would be easier to just select which view to display.

Wpicode Author

That code should work. Try clearing the cache of the website if you have a plugin that caches CSS, and then open a new window in incognito or clearing the browser cache. If this doesn’t work please send us a link at [email protected] to take a look.


Hi Dimitar I send you the Screnshot an a additional mail, did you get it? If not here is the mail again.

Here is the Screenshot As you See, the Word „Besonderheiten“ is to Long The Word „Schwerlasttransporttechnik“ is to long The Word „Edelstahlausführung“ is not Next to the Checkbox The Word „flache Bauhöhe“ must be i the same row It Looks as the the row for the Words and Checkboxes are not responsive Regards Jürgen

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hallo Wpicode can you please answer


Hi Wpicode It is a pity that you do not take the support of your plugins seriously. I bought 4 plugins, all of which have at least 4 months of support, I have $30 extra paid CSS changes and now I get no support from them. My request is 3 days old, you have to understand that I can not continue working. If you do not offer support within 1 working day, please do not write this on your website at Themeforest. I am thinking seriously of withdrawing from the purchase, as the plugins are not to use for me. The problem I described is an error, the selection box on the left does not seem to be responsive, the font does not fit on all devices. Please tell me how I can change this, I am not a programmer, so please explain it so that I can implement it too. Or alternatively I can give you admin access, for this I need a mail address from you.

Wpicode Author

Hey sorry for the late response, you can embed it in any CSS file, we offered to do that for free. Yes we need admin access to do that. Usually themes have this option for regular non devs but we can embed it inside css directly as well

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