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If you are searching Torque – Responsive WordPress Multi-Purpose Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 8 March 19 you can download from our website for free. Torque – Responsive WordPress Multi-Purpose Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from Corporate and Business category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

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Below this text you will find link to download nulled Torque – Responsive WordPress Multi-Purpose Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Torque – Responsive WordPress Multi-Purpose Theme WordPress template.

Torque – Responsive WordPress Multi-Purpose Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $29 to BeantownThemes and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Torque – Responsive WordPress Multi-Purpose Theme working latest version.

About Torque – Responsive WordPress Multi-Purpose Theme

Details & Features

Torque is a WordPress theme with a super clean user interface perfect for any corporate business, portfolio, creative, or ecommerce shop website. The fully responsive layout built on the bootstrap framework works great on any device from desktop to mobile phone. Packed with premium features such as the revolution slider, accordion wordpress slider plugin, visual composer page builder and much more, Torque is a super value. Make sure to check out… Read More

User comments


Hi, i can´t create a Support account because the form says that i have an invalide code What can i do? thanks

BeantownThemes Author

Send your purchase code to me through the form on my profile page and I’ll set you up on the forum, thanks:


Hi I’m thinking about buying this theme, in the “meet the team” section is there any way to expand info about them without leaving the page? Would it be possible to create like a “tool tip” for the name or job title that expands to provide more information?

cheers CK

BeantownThemes Author

This would be possible but would require custom work because this feature is not included in the theme default options



I’m little confused. Do I get woocommerce plugin when I buy this awesome template from you or do I need to buy a licence or something?

The question remains for all other plugins that are in template for some additional value that you have noticed in the description.

Thanks for lightspeeded answer

P.S. great work!

BeantownThemes Author

All the plugins used in the demo are included in the theme (sliders, page builder, etc). WooCommerce is a free plugin, we built compatibility into the theme for it, so it costs you no extra money to use.


cool, I’m am going to buy this thanx


Is it possible to behave like SWAG in which links you click on scroll down to the appropriate section within the same page rather than going to a different page entirely?

BeantownThemes Author

Sorry but this can’t be achieved with our Torque theme. I would recommend Olida:



We bought your Torque theme few month ago and now we want to translate our website. Actually, the Visual Composer version (4.1) you included with Torque theme is not the last version of this plugin. Version 4.1 isn’t compatible lots of plugins like Qtranslate, MQTranslate, etc… As it’s written on this page version 4.3 solve this issue. How can we legaly download the last version of Visual Composer please ?

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BeantownThemes Author

Download from themeforest now available


Hi, I’ve downloaded the Torque zip archive but the in the theme has been modified on 05/08/2014 !!!

BeantownThemes Author

We missed that on the update, check your email, just sent the update..thanks


on the support section, how can you create a new topic? its almost impossible!

Also, i keep on trying to create accordion sliders and they dont save?

BeantownThemes Author

You just need to create an account so we can verify your purchase and then click “create topic”. I sent a screenshot to your email.


hi, visual compressor wants licence what will i do? you don’t have licence ?

BeantownThemes Author

You don’t need your own license. We have an extended license so when we update the theme we update the visual composer version. You could purchase your own single license from them and then do the plugin updates yourself but it’s not necessary.


Dude, the child theme style.css references the parent theme as “Torque” (with upper T), but the theme folder is “torque”. Plus you have a whitespace in functions.php:4 that blocks any subsequent php header() call. Plus, the @import method in the child theme style is discouraged by Wordpress: “Note that the previous method was to import the parent theme stylesheet using @import: this is no longer best practice.” Seems that we’re starting with the wrong foot.

BeantownThemes Author

Thanks for the note, we just uploaded an update. If you send me a note through the form on my profile page I can send you the updated child theme


The logo doesn’t show on mobile. I did send an email to support but got no reply.

BeantownThemes Author

Please respond on your original post:


Good afternoon, mei theme is version 1.1, has some most current version? If you have how do I upgrade? I had to make an update on the Virtual composer because mine was not working anymore, now with the new installed page out formatting. I want to know if you have to adapt again to this subject, without losing my content?

BeantownThemes Author

Please start a post on our support forum so we can help out


I just purchased the torque theme. I can’t activate the slider plugin. It keeps saying the purchase code is invalid. I even tried to create an account and put in a support ticket at beantownthemes. I can’t even do that. It says the purchase code is invalid. The purchase went through. I got confirmation email and I can download the theme from my envato account (can’t activate plugins). I have verified that money was withdrawn from my account. Not sure why it’s telling me my purchase code is invalid. I made sure that there are no whitespaces in the beginning or in the end. I tried with and without the dashes.


I liked the preview of the theme. That’s why I bought it. The revolution slider plugin is great. Other than that, I have to say that I am disappointed. The theme is not very user friendly. No documentation available. Putting in a support ticket is a challenge. Even if you succeed in putting in a ticket, don’t expect any resolution for days. If you think you can make your website look like the demo, think again.

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