Ultimate Image Hover Effects For Visual Composer Nulled free download

Ultimate Image Hover Effects For Visual Composer Nulled free download

Download for free Ultimate Image Hover Effects For Visual Composer from our website. Lastest version is updated on 26 April 17 and available. Ultimate Image Hover Effects For Visual Composer WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $18 to coderpixel on Envato, you get it for free.

Ultimate Image Hover Effects For Visual Composer [Latest Version]

To download nulled Ultimate Image Hover Effects For Visual Composer, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload Ultimate Image Hover Effects For Visual Composer ziped files to WordPress website.

About Ultimate Image Hover Effects For Visual Composer

Ultimate Image Hover Effects For Visual Composer is all in one hover effect solution for any kind of websites which is used visual composer.

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Changelog 26 April 2017 Fixed: Image Uploading Error Fixed: Animation In, Out & Delay time Error 21 April 2017 Initial Release Key Features

  • Responsive Design
  • Easy-to-use
  • More than +200 hover… Read More

User comments


Hi there,

Everything is great,but there is a small problem….

I can not find where to change these words “Go Here”,In the language file which can not find and the Ultimate Image Hover Effect settings Also can not find the relevant content…. How do I change these words?Is there any solution?Thanks!

coderpixel Author

Did you played with the plugin? If so the all questions should be answered.

There are two element of this plugin. One is wrapper. Another One is effect element.

all effects elements should be wrapped with a wrapper element. and in every effect element you can change the content, color, link, effects etc..

Please check this video: https://cl.ly/3H3w3S323D3Z



Is it possible to add a link to the title?

coderpixel Author

You can add a link button or set link on whole layout. But sorry you can not add link on title.

Thank you.


I have started testing the plugin and would like to do a solid color over an image on hover with 50% opacity. Is this possible/

coderpixel Author

Hi, nope it is not possible. Thanks!


Hi – I bought the Ultimate Image Hover Effects for VC & Cornerstone, I can’t make either of them work in terms of customizing the options so I can’t use either. Is it possible to get a refund for one of them?

coderpixel Author


Which difficulties do you face with our plugins? Please provide your query list to our support email [email protected] Then we will solve your issues. For refund please rise a refund and provide your both purchase code on refund description. Then we will give you refund for one version.

Thank you.


[Presale Question]


It’s possible to integrate a image in the template of de image hover ?

Thank you.


coderpixel Author

Hi, nope, it’s not possible.



So I am running into 2 problems. First, the plugin does not show on my visual composer editor, so I have to use a shortcode.

Secondly, is there a way to have a Wordpress caption on top of the image, and then when someone hovers there mouse over it, the hover effect appears? Because as of now I can’t get my media caption to show up on top of the pictures.

Thank you

coderpixel Author

Hi, the second option is not available in this plugin, but for the first problem please make sure you have the latest visual composer & original visual composer which is in Codecanyon. because sometime theme providers are override it for their purpose.



Hai i made a double buy on your hover effect pluggin still i have a problem soon as i put my link in the hover the hover dissapears? tomorrow i have the dead line for thid website so i hope you can help me ouit on this on i also send you a email from [email protected] to your support email there are visuals from the problem thank you! Regards Debra

coderpixel Author

Please check your email inbox. thank you.


Hi There

I have just purchased this plugin because it says it is compatible with Layers WP. Ive just installed it and now it is telling me I need visual composer and its another purchase.

It wasnt very clear that this is not going to work without the first plugin and now Ive just spend $17 and I dont have any intention of buying visual composer aswell.

How do I get a refund?

Very sad because this plugin looked very promising

coderpixel Author


Mistakenly its happen. We already refund your money.



Thank you do you have one that would work with just layers?

coderpixel Author

Hi, Nope we have no plugin for Layer WP. Thanks!


Hello, quick presale question here; can we reverse the effects (like overlay first, than image)? Thanks

coderpixel Author

Hi, sorry, it doesn’t possible, Thanks!


thank you so much for this quick response


Work with VC 5.2?


Hello, just recently purchased the plugin but I spent an hour to play with it but I still can’t get the effect that I want so I looked on the documentation and I can see that the documentation screenshot was different from my end.

Here are the screenshots:

http://prntscr.com/ixw5py http://prntscr.com/ixw623

Looking forward with your response. Thank you…


Hello, any concern pls?



1. Background colour is appearing on the bottom of the image (irrespective of image size.

2. Background colour appears at the bottom and right side of the image if the image px is smaller than the area the image is supposed to cover.

3. How do we make the image cover 100% of the area

4. How can we control the height of the image and hover box?


Hi, Is your plugin compatible with WPML? My client may wish to include Chinese language in these images. Thank you very much.


Hi, I bought the plugin, but the complete function doesn’t work. I have no idea why, but please take a look on this site! I bought the “Stockholm” WordPress theme, which includes a Visual Composer license. Can you please help me, why it doesn’t work. http://andre-art.ch/andre-art.ch/farbdesign_wohnen/ When I create a completly new site, then it works as it should: http://andre-art.ch/andre-art.ch/vc-hover-effect/

On the new site a have also two options under the addition segment when I create a new empty side, on the current site based on the Stockholm template I have only one option (without the container)

Addition to that, in the Microsoft Edge browser the plugin also not work proper.

Please help to solve all this issues

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