Vice: Music WordPress download for free

Vice: Music WordPress Download for free

If you are searching Vice: Music WordPress for free download, nulled and updated on 5 November 19 you can download from our website for free. Vice: Music WordPress is one of most popular wordpress templates from Entertainment category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Vice: Music WordPress for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Vice: Music WordPress wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Vice: Music WordPress WordPress template.

Vice: Music WordPress Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $59 to QantumThemes and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Vice: Music WordPress working latest version.

About Vice: Music WordPress

Vice: The Best Music WordPress Theme is here! If you need to create a professional WordPress music website, Vice is the theme for you.
Its features and functions are specially crafted to create:

  • Rock / Pop music band websites
  • Dj Producer websites
  • Radio station websites
  • Club websites
  • Musician websites
  • Singer websites
  • And much more!

WordPress 5 compatible!

Core functions

  • Music album

User comments


Hi – Hope you are well? How do I get the Podcast Archive Page to be in order from newest podcast to the oldest? Currently it is showing the oldest podcast first.


QantumThemes Author

Hello! Thanks for getting in touch, actually this question requests the answer from a developer, could you kindly get in touch via helpdesk? If you’re not registered, you can register here You’ll be asked the purchase code to access, for more info on this:

Thanks again for your kind feedback, looking forward for your helpdesk ticket wish you a nice day!


Questions before buying: 1. Can the theme use the video embed code from 2. Can the theme use videos saved on my server? 3. Can I use this topic in the main domain ( and subdomain (

QantumThemes Author

Hi, the theme embeds automatically video from Youtube and Vimeo. You can’t use as background a video from your server, but, what you can do instead, is to make a channel on YT with the video, which can also be UNLISTED only the embedded video will be visible), and use it as background. You can use the theme in the same domain and in a subdomain, yes.

ALSO: you really want the video to be on youtube, because it checks the client speed and avoid having your visitor waiting 2 minutes to download a 4k background if they are slow. Youtube in fact deliveries automatically the best resolution based on the client speed to make an instant play, thing that with a self hosted video you can’t do.


I am trying to re-setup my site but I need my activation key.

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Whenever I fill out that form it says “Hacking attempt detected”. I think I filled it out a long time ago when I was testing the theme but I needed to reinstall the theme today to start working on it. I don’t have a email with any record of the activation key and I didn’t save it anywhere.

I have the purchase code. Thanks for the quick reply!


scratch that. I found it! I had it saved! Thanks again for the help!

QantumThemes Author

The captcha I guess thanks for the feedback, glad is all fine!


Hello! For some days now, the Facebook share button gives an error in the floating window:

Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.

Any ideas to correct it? thank you!

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I replace that file but it still gives me an error, will I be hooked with someone else?


ready! we also need to update the qt-jquerylibraries.js thank you very much for all your support !!!

QantumThemes Author

Yes we recently made a small change to that library because Facebook slightly changed the URL. Well wasn’t really support I just gave you a name of a file


Hello I have a radio my question the vice player works with a flow icecast thank you


Hello can you test my icecast feed with the vice player thank you ::: ::::::::::

QantumThemes Author

Hi sir, vice has no feed title support.


hi how i can move my logo in left (not in sidebar just in left, i don’t want in center )

QantumThemes Author

Hello, in Vice I’m sorry but there is no such option. You can do it but you need to do personal code changes.


i know but when i put my code in css personalisation not work for my logo in left

QantumThemes Author

I’m sorry but your profile is not connected to any product license. Please use our helpdesk to request support. You’ll be asked for the Envato purchase code to access our tech support. I’m sorry but we need to verify you are a customer Thanks


I have multiple iTunes podcast and Spotify channels with my music. Is there way to get each one into the them using the social links?

QantumThemes Author

Hello Sir, I’m sorry but is not a standard usage situation so the software doesn’t have such option. What is possible with a little effort is to manually duplicate the icons directly in the HTML, it would he hard-coded but is not a complex thing, please contact us on the helpdesk and explain your request.

If you already did, you’ll get an answer as the offices opens in a few hours. thanks


hi, do you have a demo version we can install please ?

QantumThemes Author

Hello! I’m sorry we don’t, this is not possible, but I see you already purchased the theme. If you encounter any issue please make sure to reach us via Helpdesk

For Vice, this is the helpdesk page

You’ll need to register and add the purchase code you can find in

(click download and choose Product License and purchase code TXT)


mabey I did something wrong but i tried to use that support forum but my post got messed upp with html stuff so i will try here.

I was installing my theme for first time and i noticed that music album module pagination is messy. Mabey the question have been out there before but i just cant find it.. Altough in notised same problem when i read topic what was posted there One guy had mobily display issiues and he posted screenshot to show it. he had other topic but his screenshot showed the same thing.

The pagination arrows were in different place, but in your demo theme they are just perfect.. so how to fix that or am I missing something.

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Thanks for quick response.. cant wait to resolve that problem

QantumThemes Author

Issue identified and solution provided

thanks for your kind cooperation and wish you a good evening.


Thanks.. this solution worked like charm


Hello … Please, I need help. I deleted my old site and now I need the plugins do not update. I need to update my purchase code in order to use the plugins. I need a plugin update, please. My buyer email is the same. Thanks. Wait.


I want to buy your theme, can you install it completely on my server and make it look the same as your demo?

QantumThemes Author

Hello sir, the price of the product doesn’t actually include this service, but please contact us via email so I can give you more info about this, regards


Hi there, is there any way of displaying the links as proper hyperlinks (in different color and underlined)? Now the links are displayed as plain text, only when hovering over it you can click it, but I want them to see at first glance there is where they need to click. Thank you!

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QantumThemes Author

In the case field of the customizer


I tried that but doesn’t work unfortunately. Any way of implementing it directly in the code?

QantumThemes Author

In the css stylesheet of the child theme too is ok


Hi there, Does this theme support RTL?

QantumThemes Author

nope, sorry


Hi. Great looking theme and am considering purchase.

Would it be possible to use this theme to create a podcast network? I am looking to create a network/directory type site of podcasts imported from different shows and sources?

Let me know. Thanks!

QantumThemes Author

Hi! To make a podcast network, this theme is what you need

You can import from any podcast source using the free PowerPress plugin (but be careful to set it correctly!)

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