WooTabs WPML Addon Nulled free download

Download for free WooTabs WPML Addon from our website. Lastest version is updated on 5 January 17 and available. WooTabs WPML Addon WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $7 to WP_Shuttle on Envato, you get it for free.

WooTabs WPML Addon [Latest Version]

To download nulled WooTabs WPML Addon, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload WooTabs WPML Addon ziped files to WordPress website.

WooTabs WPML Addon nulled

About WooTabs WPML Addon

If you are already using the most successful Tabs plugin for WooCommerce: WooTabs and you are looking for 100% WPML Support then look no further.

WMPL Addon plugin for WooTabs lets you do the following:

  • Translate all WooTabs strings
  • Translate WooTabs Tab Titles

1-Minute Installation

  • Make sure you have already installed and activated WooTabs
  • Install and activate WooTabs WPML Addon
  • Start Translating WooTabs from withing your
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    Woww Nice work mate, Good luck in sales Cheeers

    WP_Shuttle Author

    Thank you.


    Hey, looks great, i like it! GLS

    WP_Shuttle Author



    Nice work, GLWS!


    Hi there, just added this plugin to the site, we are seeing missing tabs on the front end of the non ENG (2nd language site) – how can we get all of the tabs to show? We have added the content into ENG and other language tabs. We have 5 tabs (2 global for all pages and 3 local – which are specific to the product pages) – so 5 tabs per product but only 3 are appearing on front end of the site.

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    Hi there – I have managed to fix the tabs issue by removing local page tabs and using the global tabs only. I can see that the second language now appears in the drop down for each. Can you please tell me how do I create the 2nd language tabs and then get them to appear for the 2nd language product pages? Thanks for your support.

    WP_Shuttle Author

    Replied via email.


    Thank you. All resolved


    How to translate single product tab

    WP_Shuttle Author

    Hi there,

    Thanks for being a customer. You will need to create a tab per each language, and select the language it is made for. Please send a request through this form if you still have problems figuring it out.

    Regards, Mohsin


    Hi, Does this plugin support Category related Tabs? I want to use 1 Tab for Sizing Chart for 30 products in 1 category but 3 different languages. Thanks

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    Hi, please send me details by email how to set different languages. Even I set specific Slovak language for global tab, it is still populated in English version.


    Your answer did not helped, I still have 3 tabs, even dedicated each to different language, all 3 tabs on english product page, and none on other 2 languages. Can I get more details please?

    WP_Shuttle Author

    Please send through admin details via the support form so I can take a look.


    We have run into serious problems with 3 languages translations of WooTabs. Please help.


    Nice job with plugin support.

    WP_Shuttle Author



    Cant get this plugin to work. Please advise do we need to do something through WPML to activate it?


    Love the plugin, been using it for years. I’m just starting to see some errors which might require an update.

    Running Wordpress 5.0.1, but started seeing errors in WP 4.9.6

    On the Add Plugins Screen (plugin-install.php) I get the following: : stdClass::$slug in…/plugins/woocommerce-wootabs/public/class-wootabs_update_plugin.php on line 96

    : stdClass::$plugin in …/wp-includes/class-wp-list-util.php on line 150 (twice)

    On the Update Themes page (update-core.php?action=do-theme-upgrade) I also get this error:

    /woocommerce-wootabs/public/class-wootabs_update_plugin.php on line 74

    I love the plugin. Any plans to update?


    Why did you take down the Woo Tabs plugin?!


    Hi, does anyone know which WordPress database table this plugin uses? I’m trying to edit some data entries directly through my phpmyadmin because my WordPress admin isn’t working at the moment.


    Is this plugin officially abandoned?

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