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Klassio – Responsive WordPress Business Portfolio Nulled [Latest Version]

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Klassio - Responsive Wordpress Business Portfolio nulled

About Klassio – Responsive WordPress Business Portfolio


  • Responsive Design
  • A Beautiful Full Screen Slider That Works!
  • Shortcode Generator!
  • Clean, Creative & Minimalist Design
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Nicely Filterable Portfolio
  • Crossbrowser Compatiablity
  • & much more…

Klassio is a premium WordPress responsive business & personal portfolio template. With a minimal and elegant design. Designed with a motto of turning your visitors into customers… Read More

User comments


I’m using 1600×640 size images. But cutting 980*372 size images automatic. I try so many way. But I dont do this…

klassio Author

There must be some setting problem. If you dont mind, can I have your admin access? So that I can check what is wrong. You can contact through email : [email protected]


I sent mail to you..

klassio Author


Thanks Nisha


if you download this two images, you will see problem. you can see blur.

This images Blur—>

This images clear—>

I upload 1600×640 size images. After I choose Full Size 1600×640 and choose Use as featured image. But I can see this image

so, can you use firebug? if you use I can show you this problem.


Ok. I fixed my problem you set default size 980×9999 in function.php. I changed 1600×9999 size in function.php

so I fixed my problem. Thank you…

klassio Author

Ok, Thanks!

klassio Author

Ok, Thanks!


Hello. I have a question. How do I create pages for the portfolio section so everything doesn’t load at once?


When I choose one of the portfolio templates none of the content for the page gets displayed, it only shows the portfolio items.

How can I add some content either above or below the portfolio items?

klassio Author


Please download the latest version.

Regards, Nisha


Thank you Nisha.

However, the updated version displays only the first 30 chars of the content.


The default path for each portfolio item is set to: /portfolio/post-title/ How can I change the path to: /custom-path/post-title/?

klassio Author


The feature you have asked for, have been added in latest update. Now, a new checkbox is available on “Add new portfolio” window, you can select that check box to direct link your portfolio to custom path.

And, The portfolio page content problem of 30 char have been fixed.

Regards, Nisha


Thank you Nisha, much appreciated.


I am very new to WordPress and I was really hoping that your documentation manual would have a lot of detail of how to setup your theme. There is almost no detail on how to setup the homepage so that it looks like the demo/preview website shown on Theme Forest. The homepage is blank and there are no instructions for adding all that in. I did follow your instructions for the homepage slide and that worked, but what about the portfolio or the different lines of widgets(?) on the homepage? Thanks

klassio Author


On home page,

First row “Highlights” are displayed : In Admin, There is a Highlight menu, Go to -> Add New (Note: Latest 4 Highlights will be displayed on home page)

Second row “Portfolio” are displayed : There is a Portfolio menu, Go to -> Add New (Note: Latest 3 Portfolio will be displayed on home page, which have featured image), And in “Theme options” there is option to add heading and some text for portfolio on home page.

Third row “Posts” are displayed : Under this section latest 4 posts will be displayed, which have featured image.

If still find any complication in setting up, Please let us know

Thanks, Nisha


What is the correct way to insert images into content and have them responsive?

When I insert an image the standard WP way that is wrapped with the [caption] tag the images do not scale.

If I remove the [caption] tag/shortcode the images scale as they should.

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klassio Author

Sorry the code is :

<a href=”link here”><img src=”image path” alt=”” title=”5” width=”980” height=”612” class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-205” /></a>


No try the same with an image that has some text in the caption field.

klassio Author

Wordpress caption field is of fixed width. So to get over it you can try,

<a href="http://klassio.com/klassio-theme-wp-demo/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/5.jpg"><img class="size-large wp-image-205" title="5" src="http://klassio.com/klassio-theme-wp-demo/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/5-1024x640.jpg" alt="" width="980" height="612" /></a>[caption id="attachment_205" align="alignnone" width="980"] colors[/caption]


What is the best way to add/edit css for this theme without breaking things? Does it support custom.css or something similar? The main css file suggest to edit the theme’s core css files.

klassio Author

To edit css

use css/app.css file


God bless you, can i get the XML file for the theme demo i want to using it .

klassio Author

Please let me know your email address, where I can mail you XML file.


thankx a lot, y email is [email protected]


Why do my portfolio thumbnails not move around when selecting categories like in the demo version? Please help – they used to and now they dont.


klassio Author

Hi can you send me temporary login details for wp-admin on [email protected]


Like ideas4islam, I would like to have the demo-version of Klassio. Since I am new at creating websites, it’s easier for me to start with de demo-site. My email: [email protected] Thanks a lot. Walter

klassio Author

Hello, xml file have been sent on your email address. Thanks!


Hi klassio,

I got this message when I wanted to upload the Theme to WordPress.

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

What do I do?


Hello there! the file a little while ago and trying to add it to my website but the front page isn’t working the way it is on the demo. Can you please set up the page to represent what it does there?

klassio Author

Hi, Please provide your website details.


Hi nice theme! Is it possible to:

1. Put the portfolio on the home page along with the portfolio filter ?

2. Change the color of the font? I don’t like the blue used on the Blog page for the Post titles!

3. Does the theme have a breadcrumbs option? It’s a Google requirement.

Thanks, Tony


Hi, just wondering if there is any trick to adding in a pinterest social media link?


Dear Author or anyone who knows how: How do you activate the contact form? I see where to add the contact form details under “settings” but that’s about it

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