Wordpress template Meup - Marketplace Events WordPress Theme download

WordPress template Meup – Marketplace Events WordPress Theme download

If you are searching Meup – Marketplace Events WordPress Theme for free download, nulled and updated on 21 January 20 you can download from our website for free. Meup – Marketplace Events WordPress Theme is one of most popular wordpress templates from Corporate and Business category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Meup – Marketplace Events WordPress Theme for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Meup – Marketplace Events WordPress Theme wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Meup – Marketplace Events WordPress Theme WordPress template.

Meup – Marketplace Events WordPress Theme Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $59 to ovatheme and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Meup – Marketplace Events WordPress Theme working latest version.

About Meup – Marketplace Events WordPress Theme

Meup is a listing directory marketplace events WordPress Theme that will help you create, manage and monetize a local or global directory site. The theme has multiple feature that compatible for events, concert, conference, business, event ticket, booking, sport … Feel free to set your own goal and get your favorite spots listed online!

To serve your demand to check the demo and publish event, we provide you with vendor accounts, user account
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User comments


Hello Ovatheme, i just updated the theme, but the translations i made in Loco Translate has been reversed, will i keep making changes in Loco Each time you update your theme?

ovatheme Author

Hi, You can update theme, plugin via FTP software.


Nice theme, but please i have a problem

Cant Vendor set their ticket without the calendar? Cant Vendor set their ticket without adding seat (More than 1 ticket )

The maximum and minimum number of ticket to be purchased is not reflecting what is working is number of seat to be booked

and for the event tickets, cant we have a default image in case the vendor did not set and image

and there should be proper instruction on how to set events/Tickets, it looks too complicated for Non-Tech people

ovatheme Author

“Cant Vendor set their ticket without the calendar” => Please note different between Ticket Type and Calendar. If you want to sell ticket, you have to setup both: Ticket and Calendar.

“Cant Vendor set their ticket without adding seat (More than 1 ticket )”: No, The vendor can setup normal ticket type not Seat.

“The maximum and minimum number of ticket to be purchased is not reflecting what is working is number of seat to be booked”: Please check again, it is working on demo. Can you send some screenshots about this error.

“cant we have a default image in case the vendor did not set and image”: The theme doesn’t support this. The vendor have to insert image to display at frontend. If they doesnt insert mean they doesn’t want to display it.

Please tell me some confused with making event ticket.
Thank you!


Can you tell me why when I place a hyperlink on a word within the description of the event the page gets an error in the structured data of google? As shown in the image below

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Thank you for your attention but this problem does not occur with a specific event, but with everyone! Any hyperlink that you put in a word within the event description shows this classification error in the structural data of google

ovatheme Author

Hi, We will fix problem soon. Now you can override this file in child theme by copy file Plugins/eventlist/templates/single/schema.php to themes/meup-child/eventlist/single/schema.php and find line 20 then replace from $description = get_the_content() ; to $description = strip_tags( get_the_content() ); Thanks!


Thank you very much my friend, I will apply this solution to see if it solves


I have error when the vendor upload video or MP4 file in create event page. The message from wordpress is “Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.” I have list the MP4 in mime type (event setting in wordpress admn). How to fix it?


But, if i upload media from wordpress admin page it’s no error.

ovatheme Author

Hi, Did you setup file type in Events >> Settings >> General Settings : https://ovatheme.com/documentation/meup/assets/images/image_65.jpg ?


Pre sales question – does this theme come with an iPhone app or is it only Android? Thanks

ovatheme Author

Hi, The Android App included in package, so you can install and use it. We added React-native code, so you can export file and use for Iphone.


Pre-Sale Question

1. Search bar- is it possible to remove the category and city selection and only use keywords, e.g type the city/ name of the event etc

ovatheme Author

Hi, You can remove Category and City in Search Form. Note only name field that search in name and content of event.


Hi, I’m very interested in purchasing this theme. 2 questions: 1. Will i be able to edit the search bar from the main page and remove the location option? Will it affect the searches withing the website? 2. Can i modify the ticket buying feature as in like the user pays for a discount or a deal and it will bring up a window where it can scan/print the coupon with the discount? Thanks

ovatheme Author

Hi, 1: You can show/hide fields search form in Main page. This isn’t effect to website.
2: The customers can insert discount in Booking Form. You can check in our demo. Note currently the website doesn’t deposit for booking.


Can you built stall booking management for events?

ovatheme Author

Hi, can you explain more detail ?


Hello! Congratulations on the work.

I’m interested. But I never bought on this site. If I can clarify my doubts?

1 – Does the site have a translator for other languages, since I am in Brazil? 2 – Is it compatible with dates, maps, currencies … from Brazil? 3 – Do you have a button to share via Whatsapp? 5 – If I change the name of my Site (URL), will I have to buy another license? 6 – Can I work Offline (development) and Online with the same license?


ovatheme Author

Which site do you buy this theme ?



It is opening this page once I submit for payment instead of payment gateway. Woocommerce is active already

Check screenshot for reference

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ovatheme Author

Hi, Send mail: Please check surely your host allow to send mail. In mail setting config like here: https://ovatheme.com/documentation/meup/assets/images/image_67.jpg
Password field: We use Ova Login Plugin for logging and register user not WooCommerce, so your config isn’t effect to this plugin.
messaging system for sms, otp verification and email verification: The theme doesn’t support these. We will consider it in the future.


any ways by which we can verify our visitors by email or otp? and will the sms gateways which are sending notification on woocommerce purchases will also send sms notifications on the purchase of tickets?

ovatheme Author

Hi, When the customer buy ticket, The admin and customer will will receive booking email. Please explain about “messaging system for sms, otp verification and email verification” ?


I definitely NOT RECOMMEND this theme. It is so heavy and hard to edit and complex ticketing issues. I wish there was a refund. I am disappointed.

ovatheme Author

Hi, If you have any problem, please make ticket in our support forum. We will help you understand about theme more. The theme support edit template in child theme, so I think you can easily customize layout, css. Thanks


hello nice theme.before purchase are you available for any custom work? Thank you

ovatheme Author

Hi, I need to know what do you need to customize ?


Also how does the profile message system work? Does it send to the customer or does it send to admin… or both??

ovatheme Author

Hi, Sorry I’m not clear about your question. What is “profile message system” ?


Hi, I have question about theme. Is it possible to create relations between event and places. I would like, for example: 1) create museum and museum page with photo, address and other infos, AND 2) create events FOR this museum – like exhibitions. and 3)I would like to see museum short info on event page AND 4) (if it is possible), I would like to see all events that are related to museum – on museum page.

in your theme I see you have author page with events – like https://ovatheme.com/meup/author/thai/ and

simple page of venues: https://ovatheme.com/meup/venue/ and venue page: https://ovatheme.com/meup/venue/bear-valley-club/

is it possible to make this page more complicated? I mean add more information about venue, or do it like organization etc?

and is it possible to create more complicated venue listing page? not just table, but grid or real listing with some information?

or, maybe, venue is not organization and it is only address? if so, Can I create organization page?


Hi Whenever i ever i try to register a user on my site i get this error “Registering new users is currently not allowed” How to fix?

ovatheme Author

Hi, please go to Settings >> General >> tick choose Membership

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