Wordpress template Warhol - Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Creatives download

WordPress template Warhol – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Creatives download

If you are searching Warhol – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Creatives for free download, nulled and updated on 31 October 19 you can download from our website for free. Warhol – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Creatives is one of most popular wordpress templates from Creative category in the last 30 days by our internal search.

Download Warhol – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Creatives for free

Below this text you will find link to download nulled Warhol – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Creatives wordpress theme for free, just click on the link and save on your desktop, unzip and upload on your website. Process is simple. Our wordpress templates are not locked, you will not need pasword to use Warhol – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Creatives WordPress template.

Warhol – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Creatives Nulled [Latest Version]

Instead of paying for $24 to ThemeMountain and giving 50% of their earnings to Envato. We are giving you for free Warhol – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Creatives working latest version.

About Warhol – Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Creatives

Warhol is an elegant, versatile theme that gives you the tools you need to express who you are and what your business does in a professional and coherent manner. To help you get started with your website we’ve made sure to include 8 homepage layouts, 8 unique heros, and some 100+ content blocks that you can use to tailor Warhol to your needs and preferences. Warhol is perfect for any small to medium sized creative agency, ad agency, photo studio, small business, or freelancer that is… Read More

User comments


Products added in cart disappears when I turned to other pages.

tm_david Author Team

Hi, can you open a support ticket at https://thememountain.ticksy.com/tickets/ ? Thank you!


I’ve tried to reach support about simply importing the data and the error I receive. It’s been almost a week with no response. Terrible support thus far

ThemeMountain Author

Hi revyrie,

Thanks for getting in touch here.

We’ve answered your ticket.



I would like to purchase the theme, but there are errors on the on the preview link

Notice: Undefined index: tm_featured_media_image_alternative in /home/tm_wordpress_products/wp.thememountain.com/wp-content/themes/thememountain-warhol/assets/page-options/_page_option_variables.php on line 48

Notice: Undefined index: tm_featured_media_image_alternative in /home/tm_wordpress_products/wp.thememountain.com/wp-content/themes/thememountain-warhol/assets/page-options/_page_option_variables.php on line 49

tm_david Author Team

thank you very much for letting us know! We have been busy updating our products to add more features. Warhol and Kant have now been fixed. Again thank you very much! David


​I ended up having to revert back to previous version but I wanted to let you know that when I upgraded to 1.0.9 it crashed the main full width header with Vimeo background video and my blog grid on my homepage. Thanks for fixing.

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Yes I am. I tried to open at Ticksy. Had a verification issue.


Will try again.

tm_david Author Team

okay, please use the form in the author profile to send us a direct email. I will take care of your problem right away.


hi, i have a pre-sale question. is this theme compatible with wordpress plugins, and more specifically, SEO plugins? i want to convert my current sports blog to this theme but want to be sure all of the content will rank on search engines. Thanks.

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tm_david Author Team

Hello, I have seen customers using SEO plugin but I cannot tell because I am not using any SEO plugins to be honest. I asked my colleague about your question but he has been ignoring me on that matter so I have no clue. Sorry.


thanks for responding.

tm_david Author Team

Sorry that I cannot be that helpful. If you are still interested, please send us a private message, which we might be able to help you better.


Hi there, I just purchased the theme. During pre-purchase, I sent out an email but never gotten a reply from your team, it’s been quite a few days. But anyway, I went ahead to make my purchase. Sent a ticket out 20 hours ago and have not gotten a reply at all. Now I’m facing another issue and just issued another ticket hoping to get some support asap. Starting to think the support isn’t that efficient and great because I haven’t heard anything for days.

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Thanks for the response the other day but I’m again facing the same issues from your support team where your responses are too slow. It’s been 2 days since I lodged a ticket, and I don’t feel like I am closing to figuring out the javascript issue I’m facing when I loaded a template. I get one reply at 2am asking for more details when I’m asleep and it’s 11pm now and I’ll be going to bed soon. No reply in between, I am quite disappointed at the kind of support I’m getting.

ThemeMountain Author

Hi cherylchu,

Your question has been answered: https://thememountain.ticksy.com/ticket/1793809.

Please note that we are on a different time zone as well and that support works full working days on the time zone they are in. Each ticket is responded in the order they are received.



Hi there, the question has not really be answered and yes I was very understanding initially on us working on different time zones but when I only get replies every 24 hours, it’s very frustrating and doesn’t seem like your team is working a full working day when it comes to my theme. Can I know what time zone your team is working on? And wouldn’t my ticket be a priority if it was sent in over 2 (nearing 3) days ago and not resolved yet?

It has been a few days and we’re nearly scratching the surface of what’s causing the error for my theme. I understand I am just one ticket out of the many that are being submitted in a day but please understand that I cannot even work because of this one error.


I purchased this theme through the Elements site, and as such, there is no support provided, so I am hoping someone here may have a solution to the issue I have… I have installed the theme without issue, however, when I try to load the “Concept” demo content, it doesn’t look anything like the demos. I have removed and reinstalled several times and tried several of the demo options, but they all just load empty pages. The directions are very vague, so I don’t know how to get this theme to look like the demo so I can start making my modifications. Anyone had any luck with it? Seems like the whole point of having “demo” content is to give someone a starting point… anyway, that’s the way all the demos worked in other themes I have purchased. Any advice would be appreciated.

ThemeMountain Author

Hi paravelmedia,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Had a look in our support ticket system, but we see you have no tickets posted under paravelmedia. Do you have an additional account perhaps? Let us know and we’ll make sure your ticket gets answered. We advise posting in our ticketing system because it’s way easier to handle support requests there than on ThemeForest.



Hi, thank you… I was not able to submit a support ticket because I purchased your theme as part of our Envato Elements account, so purchase codes are not provided which are required for submitting a ticket with your system. The main issue I have is that I can’t find where to turn off the title area on the main home page. There are no options on the page or in the settings that I can see.


How to edit Photography Demo content, How can i change the image?


Hello, I just ourchased this theme and wordpress don’t want to install it ! In fact the cms are not available for wordpress.. Wath can I Do ?

tm_david Author Team

Hi ThomasPinte

Thank you for getting in touch.

Please join us in our support forum and we’ll gladly look into the issue you are describing. Our support can be found here: https://thememountain.ticksy.com. Note: you’ll need your Item Purchase Code to create a ticket ( need help finding your IPC, click here).

All tickets are handled within 48hrs.



Don’t forget to check our documentation:


WordPress Docs

Email Docs

Don’t forget to join our newsletter to receive news, updates, and new releases by email.


Hi, I am from UglyD.com

We posted a Ticket a few days ago and still no acknowledgement nor response? Please reply.

Ticket #1908961


I paid for support, tried to submit a ticket and was told my purchase code was wrong..My issue came from a wordpress update, that changed my page editor to something I really cant use. I wanted to get the WP Bakery Page builder back as my default.. and have had no luck getting help.. I feel stuck

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Aaahhhhh … I didnt do that.. i see the change now.. So now that I have the Gutenberg options what do i do to make the bakery builder my default ?


Yessssss!!!!! We’re Back!!! thank you so much for helping me get this worked out.. I haven’t updated my site in months because of this.. Thank you again for your help today . This is my site: http://www.jermainejude.com/

tm_david Author Team

Glad to hear that it is working. Have a nice day


Hello – I have recently purchased the Warhol Template – However, I wanted to buy the Warhol Theme – Can you please assist me with this? Thank you


Hi, is it possible to make the portfolio item open in a new tab when clicked? Thanks


I purchased this Theme via elements.envato but unfortunatley the normal post project title wont show when I implement it into the grid item within the pagebuilder.

It seems like there is no way to implement a blog within a OnePager. So I wont work with this Theme again.


Hi, first of all, this is a great Theme, well coded and beautiful designed. So, I have a couple of problems with videos. Videos on lightbox show too small, and the Vimeo video background doesn’t start ever, or does aleatory. I need help with this. Thank you


I’ve posted this comment 19 days ago!


Hello all, is it possible that vimeo videos start fullscreen when they are clicked on a mobile device? Thanks in advance!


Hi, is the support forum down? I can’t seem to access my ticket area anymore to see my outstanding tickets.

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