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Download for free WPD Payperview add-on from our website. Lastest version is updated on 15 February 18 and available. WPD Payperview add-on WordPress plugin is compatibile with all IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox versions. Instead of paying $10 to uWebic on Envato, you get it for free.

WPD Payperview add-on [Latest Version]

To download nulled WPD Payperview add-on, you just need to click the button “Download Files” below this text, unzip files on yor computer and upload on server, or directly upload WPD Payperview add-on ziped files to WordPress website.

WPD Payperview add-on nulled

About WPD Payperview add-on

WPD PayPerView add-on

The WPD -payperview add-on is an add-on for WPdeposit that enables site owners to let users/vistors pay for every view of a post/page.


  • Enable per post/page
  • Set price per post/page
  • An overview of the posts he bought for the user
  • An overview of all the sales for the site owner
  • Charge once or on every view

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User comments

hevada Moderator

Interesting idea and plugin! Good luck with sales!

uWebic Author



price decrease in points/credits/


I’ve purchased this, downloaded and activated and there is nothing to configure. The file is less than 1MB too. I’m suggesting you need to upload the correct plugin for me to download.

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uWebic Author

It’s clearly stated in the name and description that it is an add-on. We prefer the add-on system because it’s cheaper for customers that want more than one add-on for WPdeposit.


Yes I am aware it said ‘Add-on’ but it hadn’t said that in the themes forest page. I’m sure there was a glitch somewhere. Anyway, I’ve requested a refund. Maybe we’ll purchase both plugins again..sometime soon.

uWebic Author

Oke no problem. Hope to see you later .


its possible user WIN points to see a content?

uWebic Author

This plugin will only show content once the user paid for the page.


can i add onw bank merchant account or not

uWebic Author

Yes you can. Here is some documentation -> http://uwebic.com/blog/how-to-add-a-custom-payment-gateway-to-wpdeposit/

Make sure you have a basic in PHP or know someone who can implement this.


Is there a way to notify users when they spend credits on viewing a page? Or perhaps giving them the option to view the post and spend the credits, or go back?



Also, is there a way to charge less than a dollar for a view? Whenever I put less than “1” for Price per view, say 0.05, it comes up with an error saying it’s trying to deduct from the balance something that isn’t a number.

Can you help with this?


uWebic Author

Those feature does not exists right now, sorry.


Does this PPV plugin function based on time?

Eg, 24hrs access to the paid content.

uWebic Author

Sorry, that feature does not exists in the plugin.


hey, when i install this and state for the page to deduct 1 credit per view, it deduct 4 credits each time and make 4 transactions each with 1

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no i didn’t get any emails… i sent you admin account to my website to check it

uWebic Author

Still waiting on your reply


nvm, i fixed it with small modification


this plugin count unique views ?

uWebic Author

No it doesn’t count unique views.


Hi, can I use this plugin with Easy Digital Downloads?

uWebic Author

You would like to offer downloads only if they paid for the page? If Easy digital downloads is using a shortcode to add a download into the page it should work fine.


Hello. I attempted to contact you through support, but have yet to receive any reply. I am using Formidable Forms to allow users to create posts. I need some information from you however.

I need the EXACT name for the custom field for both “Let user pay for this post, Charge only the first view and Price per view”

And the EXACT data required to automatically check the first two – along with placing a default price in the last.

Thank you!

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I haven’t heard anything via your ticket system yet, so I thought I’d post again here. Can you please provide me the meta keys for the following?

Let user pay for this post
Charge only the first view
Price per view

Thank you.

uWebic Author

I replied the same day and send you all the required info. did you not receive it? Check your spam folder


The communication issue was my error. Rest assured that as a customer, you will be taken care of in an exceptional manner.


Is this old add-on compatible with new, updated WPDeposit?

uWebic Author

Yes this add-on should work fine in the latest version.


Hi, Just to let you know there is a spelling mistake in wpd-ppv.php. ‘enought’ should be ‘enough’. I’ve corrected in my version – actually I’ve changed the line altogether – might be useful to give users the option to chose what it says there.

Also, it would be really useful if either this was a page template which can be edited or if a link to how they purchase credits is added.


uWebic Author

I will look into this. Thank you for reporting it.


The WPdeposit plugin is not up to date. The last version is 1.8, you are running 1.10.1. Please go to Codecanyon to download the latest version.

Note! Since version 1.5 the WPdeposit (and the latest version of all the addons) support automatic updates. All new version of our plugins will be easily updatable from the plugin or update page of your Wordpress site.


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uWebic Author

Strange, I’m not having this error. What is your WPdeposit version?


latest version

uWebic Author

I will look into it asap


nice work, i wish you good luck with your sales


hi can it work with woocommerce I want users to pay before they can buy a product, they will be charged when they click on the buy button

uWebic Author

This plugin does not integrate with Woocommerce because it is an addon for the WPDeposit plugin (https://codecanyon.net/item/wpdeposit/500402). WPdeposit integrates with Woocommerce to allow users to use their deposited money to buy products in woocommerce. But this addon does not integrate with Woocommerce on it’s own and if you would use this addon with the WPDeposit, there would be no need to use Woocommerce to achieve what this addon does.


any update?

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